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Beyond School Program

Experience Learning

for Passion

Our Beyond School Program allows your child to experience learning for passion. 

Beyond School

Painting, learning a language, and many more, we provide opportunities for your child’s passions and interests to grow. They’ll be able to discover their inner potentials which will make them confident in their own shoes.

Movement Exploration

In this virtual age, it is important to keep your

kids active and moving!

Our movement exploration classes offers not only creative movements but a chance to explore their passion by integrating theater, Olympics, and dancing all in one program!

Eager Reader


Reading and writing are made fun in this interactive program which promotes confidence and creativity. With a variety of resources, your child will explore their interests according to their level. We value effective reading instruction as well to bring out the success in every child.

Our goal is to make a confident reader and writer out of your child-- Join our Eager Reader Program!

Playful Painter

Who said painting can only be done with a paintbrush? In our Playful Painter class, your child will be able to explore painting using various materials and learn how to be resourceful yet creative!


 Join us and see your child become amazed with what he or she can create.

Inquisitive Linguists

Our Inquisitive Linguists Program provides and avenue for kids to learn a new language while developing their multi-tasking and decision-making skills as well!


Build, Play, Code, and Design with our RoboKids classes.

Let your kids develop a motivation to explore AI learning and humanoid robotics!

More Classes Coming Soon

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