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My Online Ballet Experience

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I never thought teaching ballet online would be possible, but this experience has proven otherwise. There is a very big difference between teaching ballet in person and online. The thing I miss the most is having face to face interactions with the kids and their sweet hugs every after a class. Although it is very different now, I still enjoy seeing the kids’ smiling faces and dancing with them through a screen. It is heart-warming to witness their eagerness to learn in this new normal.

My routine before every ballet class remains the same despite it being virtual. I put on my ballet attire and set up my “studio”, which involves a lot of Bluetooth connecting and brightness fixing. I wait for my students to arrive in class or should I say accept them from the Zoom waiting room. We start off the class by sharing their thoughts and stories from their day. Bouncing from one topic to another, they can get caught up in their chit chats and giggles. Its been very interesting to see them relate to one another through the 4 sides of the screen.

Teaching the exercises weren’t so difficult after all. The kids would listen eagerly and demonstrate when asked. They would not hesitate to ask questions as well if something was unclear. It amazes me to see them listen and follow instructions as if we were in the same room. I’ve noticed that they enjoy across the room and creative movement exercises that allow their imagination to run wild.

The biggest hurdle I faced would be unstable internet connection. There would be days when it would work perfectly and days when my camera would freeze from time to time. In the few times it happened, I would find my students patiently waiting for me to reconnect to Zoom. I appreciate their patience and understanding, after all, we’re going through this new way of learning together.

Teaching ballet online made me realize that if there is a will, there is a way. I’m very passionate about teaching and so, even with all the hurdles, there will always be an opportunity to do what you love. Being at home, we actually discover more about each other; our favorite toys, our favorite food, and even show our own pets! (which they gladly display on screen). No matter the circumstances, kids will always enjoy learning. Here is a video I created as a culmination for our Beginner Ballet Batch 1 students. Even if we are apart, we can still be connected. Enjoy!


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