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Life Skills Program

Experience Learning

for the Future

Our goal is to foster 21st century learners who continue to learn and innovate for change throughout their lifetime

Life Skills


Our curriculum offers progressive education in all academic disciplines including technology. We fully integrate the arts, music, body movement and cookery into the curriculum. 

Core Life Skills Classes


Science Exploration

Offering a virtual nature experience. Encourages thinking, relating and applying concepts through discovery.


Math Appreciation

Fostering good beginning in early number concepts. Making them adaptive to the challenges of a digital world ahead.


Language Arts

Developing spoken and written communication. Providing a virtual learning environment that promotes active reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Digital Literacy

Equipping our future-ready learners with the necessary digital literacy skills they need in the 21st century. Enabling creativity and innovation.


Enabling Skills

Creative Arts

Arts is integrated into our curriculum as we believe that it increases aptitude and creative thinking in our academic disciplines. It also has a positive effect on socio-emotional development and leads learners to complex thinking.

Musical Rhythm

Our Music Program plays a significant role in our system. It is a purposeful merge of musical learning and academic content. Music is known to ignite all areas of child development and helps the body and the mind work together. 

Kinesthetic Arts

Our Mind-Body Harmony Program focuses on the art of movement that attempts to make visible tone and feeling of music and speech. This promotes concentration, self-discipline and a sense of beauty to our digitally native learners.

Cookery Creations

Our Collaborative Skills Program makes our future-ready learners adapt to any social situations they are in. Learners are responsible for their actions, including learning and respect the abilities and contributions of their peers.

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